Although it is the duty of the Referee to recover the cue ball following an "in off", a player will not be penalised for performing this duty. If the player recovers the cue ball, or the player is preventing the Referee from recovering the cue ball, timing will commence from the point the cue ball reaches the trough. At this point call "Time running". 

When a player commits a foul with the cue ball in hand: 

  • If the foul is made before the cue ball is placed on the table, the opponent has two visits, ball in hand. 
  • If the foul has been made after the ball has been placed on the table then the opponent must play from where the cue ball lies (whether in or out of baulk), unless foul snookered. 

It is not a foul for a player to use the cue to reposition the cue ball in baulk, when the cue ball is in hand. However if the tip of the cue touches the cue ball during such a manoeuvre a standard foul will be called, for failing to perform a legal shot. However, if this happens prior to the break a foul break will be called, thereby allowing the opponent to reposition the cue ball.