The Time Allowed rule applies to the break shot see section 8. Note for the purposes of Player In Control, the frame is not deemed started until the Cue Ball is struck on the Break Shot. However if the Break Shot is not played within The Time Allowed then a non-standard time foul will be awarded. 

The Referee should ensure that both Players are present. Should the Breaking Player wish to check the rack, they must do so before the Referee hands the Cue Ball and calls Time Running. Once 'Time Running' has been called a Time Out will not normally be granted. 

4.1 Lag for break 

If competition or tournament rules require a lag for break then the following procedure should be used: 

Each player should use balls of equal size and weight. These should be the only two balls on the table. 

With the balls in baulk, one player to the left and one to the right of the table, the balls are struck simultaneously to the foot cushion and back to the baulk end of the table. The player whose ball is the closest to the innermost edge of the baulk cushion wins the lag. The lagged ball must contact the foot cushion at least once. Other cushion contacts are immaterial, except as prohibited below. 

If an automatic loss of the lag if: 

  1. The ball crosses into the opponent's half of the table, 
  2. The ball fails to contact the foot cushion, 
  3. The ball drops into a pocket, 
  4. The ball jumps the table, 
  5. The ball touches the long cushion, 
  6. The ball rests within the corner pocket and past the nose of the head cushion, or 
  7. The ball contacts the foot cushion more than once. 

If both players violate automatic-loss lag rules, or if the referee is unable to determine which ball is closer, the lag is a tie and is replayed. 

If one player strikes the ball, the other player has to strike his ball before the opponent's ball reaches the foot cushion in order to have a simultaneous lag. If this is not the case and the referee feels that the player who played second wanted to get an advantage out of that, then the lag has to be replayed. 

4.2 Restarted Frame 

A restarted frame (caused by a stalemate or accidental shot out of turn) will be replayed with the player who made the legal break in that frame breaking again. The player will break with one visit, even if the player originally started with two visits. 

The exception to this is when a frame is re-racked because of a Void Break. 

4.3 Void Break 

A void break does not result in a restart as defined above. When the 8-Ball is potted from the break shot all aspects of the break are ignored (except if a serious foul or breech of the 'Spirit of the Game' occurred) and the break will be taken again with no penalty. 

As soon as the black ball falls the referee will call "Void break" and both the object balls and the cue ball may be gathered for the re-rack. There is no need to wait for all balls to stop moving. 

If the player broke with two visits, again the player will break with two visits.