Players have 30 seconds,, to play their shot, from the 30 seconds indication. This includes the break shot. 

8.1 "Time Out" 

If a player plays a shot while "Time Out" has been called (for example when a Referee is away from the table getting a rest) it is a Standard Foul penalised under K4 Playing out of Turn. 

8.2 Granting a "Time Out" 

"Time Out" may be called at the Referees discretion. For example: 

  • Player requesting a rest (which is not immediately available) 
  • Something obstructing the player 
  • Player needs to leave the playing area very urgently 
  • Referee making a close snooker, total snooker or touching ball decision 
  • Player lost a contact lens 
  • Player fastening shoe laces 
8.3 Refusing a "Time Out" 

The following are examples of when "Time out" should not be called: 

  • Any telephone call 
  • Player needs to visit WC (player can go before or after a frame with the permission of the Referee) 
  • Fetching a drink from an area away from the table 
  • Looking for a cigarette or lighter away from the table 
  • Searching for chalk