18.1 Objective 

The Referee should ensure the game is played according to the rules, and to announce shots in accordance with the calling procedure, for the benefit of both the players and the spectators. 

The referee will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the rules are observed. The referee may, as appropriate, issue warnings, call on a Senior Referee, abandon the game, or in extreme circumstances award frame or game away. 

18.2 Positioning of the Referee 

The Referee will be in such a position that a clear view of the table and player is available, without obstruction or distraction to the player, also bearing spectators in mind. 

Most occasions will allow a referee to change position after every shot. This opportunity should be taken, and will have three benefits: 

  • The best view possible 
  • Will not obstruct the view of the same spectators 
  • Continual movement will increase the alertness of a Referee 
18.3 Duties and positioning of the timekeeper 

In most cases a separate timekeeper will be static, and be in such a position that a clear view of the table is available. It may be necessary to move, particularly if 60 seconds is approaching and the view is obstructed by the player in control or by the other Referee. 

In most situations timing will commence from when the timekeeper sees all the balls stop moving. However, following an 'In off' time starts when the other Referee calls "Time Running"/ 

Most stopwatches require three clicks, the first to stop, the second to reset and the third to start. Timing can be more accurate if the first two clicks are performed while the balls are still moving. As soon as the balls stop moving only the last click need be performed. 

18.4 Preparing a table 
  • Brush the cushions in the direction of the nap (This is normally from the baulk end for the side cushions and clockwise for the end cushions. However, some tables may differ. The direction of the nap can be determined by lightly brushing fingers on the cloth in both directions). 
  • Remove bad dust spots by gently flicking the brush in the opposite direction to the nap 
  • Brush table in the direction of the nap 
  • Iron the table in the direction of the nap 

If no iron is available, turn the brush upside down and forcefully push brush up the table. Then brush again.