In the event of a player refusing the accept a decision, then the Referee will abandon the game, reporting the facts to the governing body concerned (e.g. Tournament Director, Competition Organiser).

The player who wins the toss will have the choice of first break. 

i.   If a player has been awarded frames at the start of a match (e.g. for late arrival) the choice of break commences from the first frame to be played; it is not back dated to the first frame on the score sheet. 

ii.   In a doubles match the break will also alternate between partners. Once the order of play has been determined during the first turn of each pair, that order shall remain for the duration of the match.

Where the cue ball is touching any object ball and in playing away, this object ball moves by virtue of settling into a hollow or similar fault of the table, then it is not a foul. If a table is in poor condition, whenever any ball(s) are touching the cue ball, it should avoid any disagreements if it is called touching by the Referee.