1. A Referee should not submit to unnecessary requests for balls to be cleaned. Never attempt to lift a ball for cleaning if it is in a crucial position. 
  2. A Referee should never drink alcohol until stood down at the end of the day. Cigarettes should not be smoked while the Referee is on the floor. 
  3. Time keeping is important when returning for breaks. A Referee will normally be asked to report to the Senior Referee when relieved, or when returning from a break, or both. A 15-minute break period does not mean 15 minutes away from the table. There will always be a certain changeover time, thus reducing 15 minutes to possible 13 minutes. Remember, if you are late back from a break, it is your colleagues that suffer. 
  4. A Referee should always know what time they are required for the 'start of day' briefing. 
  5. Some Tournament Directors will have additional rules that complement the World Eight Ball Playing rules (examples being slow play, determination of break, dress code). If such rules exist the Senior Referee will advise.