1. Committing a foul in the same shot that the Eight Ball is potted (except on the Break).
  2. Potting the Eight Ball when a ball or balls of the player's own Colour are still on the table (except on the Break).
  3. Potting the Eight Ball and the last ball or balls of the player's own Colour in the same shot.
  4. Deliberately striking a ball other than the Cue Ball with the tip of the cue.
  5. Deliberately causing any ball or balls to be moved in a menner other than that which may result from playing a normal shot.
  6. Deliberately striking the Cue Ball with other than the top of the cue.
  7. Deliberately interfering, by word or action, so as to disrupt an opponent's play.
  8. If a player breeches the "Spirit of the Game" to such an extent that the frame (or match) should be awarded to the opponent.