1. Definition: When an opponent plays a foul shot and this results in the incoming player being snookered, the incoming player is deemed to be Foul Snookered.
  2. If a player believes that a Foul Snooker exists, the player may ask the referee for a ruling.
  3. If the referee rules that a foul snooker exists, the player initially has the following options:-
      a) Play the Cue Ball from where it lies (see point (4)(a) below)
      b) Ask the referee to remove the Cue Ball so as to allow the player to play from Baulk (see (4)(b) below) 
  4.   a) i. If the player chooses to play the Cue Ball from where it lies, the player may, if the player wishes, nominate the Eight Ball (but see (5) below) or any one of the opponent's Colour. The player can nominate a particular ball by verbal description of it or its position or by pointing at it. The Referee may ask for further information if any doubt exists as to which ball has been nominated.
         ii. Once nominated, a ball is deemed to "become one" of the player's Colour for the first shot of the first visit. The player may then play any of the player's own Colour or the nominated ball. If any of the player's Colour and/or the nominated ball are potted, the player continues with the first visit.
      b) If the player chooses to play the Cue Ball from Baulk, a Foul Snooker may no longer exist. In this case the procedure under the heading (E) Playing from Baulk (2)(d) & (2)(e) should be followed. If the referee decides that a Foul Snooker does still exist, the player may nominate a ball and follow the procedure in (4)(a) above.
  5. If the Eight Ball is nominated it may be played, but potting it will mean loss of frame.
  6.   a) If a player is "On" the Eight Ball and Foul Snookered: - The player may play a nominated ball or the Eight Ball and pot either or both of these balls, directly or indirectly, in any pocket or pockets.
      Assuming the player does not commit a foul:-
        i. If neither the Eight Ball or the nominated ball is potted, the player's first visit is complete.
        ii. If the nominated ball is potted and the Eight Ball is not, the player continues with the first visit.
        iii. If the nominated ball and the Eight Ball are potted, the player wins the frame.
        iv. If the Eight Ball is potted and the nominated ball is not, the player wins the frame.         
  7. If a Foul Snooker exists and the Cue Ball is touching an opponent's ball or balls, the player may, but is not obliged to, nominate one of those touching balls.