Associates  Alistair Gillin 68pts   Cally Black Brian Richardson 70pts
 Cally Rock Terry McMahon 66pts  The Cally Gang Jenny Parry 51pts
 City Memorial Justin Allen 80pts  The Flying Horz Jamie Baulch 59pts
 City Memorial Cats Mark Keane 61pts  Maceys M8's Clayton Lanigan 60pts
 Far Cues Broe Shiells 83pts  The Odd Bunch Rod Woodbridge 73pts
 Maceys Massive Basil Kaladis & Neil Ford 46pts  Rackpackers Jake Finlayson 71pts
 The Pool Dogs Darren Keane 58pts  Raffertys  Shaun Fry 69pts
 Rogues Phil Gray 60pts  Spartans Warren Clifton 65pts
 Royal Raffertys Geoff Thompson 41pts  Team Pegasus Darryl Perry 69pts 
 Seanchai C's Peter Honan 47pts  Whalers Allan Rendall 71pts 


Season not played due to COVID-19 


Season cancelled due to COVID-19 


 Associates  Alistair Gillin 69pts   D Town Homeless Jason Stewart 67pts
 Cally Black Brian Richardson 51pts  Maceys M8's Clayton Lanigan 51pts
 Cally Rock  Martin Keane 87pts  Rackpackers Jethro Serle 88pts
 City Memorial  Justin Allen 78pts   Raffertys Shaun Fry 58pts
 City Memorial Cats  Jason Camilleri 95pts  Royal Raffertys Laurie Mahony 76pts
 Far Cues  Jamie Keane 86pts   Spartans Warren Clifton 66pts
 Maceys Massive Basil Kaladis 59pts  The Cally Gang Jenny Parry 69pts
 The Pool Dogs Darren Keane 68pts  W'bool C's Peter Honan 86pts
 Warni Rogues  Don King 71pts    
 Whalers  Mick Aberline 63pts    


 Associates  Matt Pearson 77pts   The Cally Gang Marcus Drake 54pts 
 Cally Black  Robin Membery 60pts   D Town Homeless  Joshua Lenehan 57pts 
 Cally Rock Neil O'Malley 96pts   Maceys M8's Dominic Longey 85pts 
 City Memorial  Kevin McMahon 76pts   Maceys Massive Neil Ford 82pts 
 City Memorial Cats  Gary Watts 79pts   Raffertys  Gerry Kelson 64pts 
 Far Cues  Akkie Yooiam 81pts   Royal Raffertys  Greg Serle 64pts 
 Renegades  Darren Williams, Geoffrey Thompson & Taylor Williams 41pts  The Pool Dogs  Tony Scott 88pts 
 Warni Rogues  Cooper Lower & Phil Gray 64pts   Spartans  Andrew Freeman & Warren Clifton 76pts 
 W'bool C's Jarrod Mast 71pts     
 Whalers  Allan Rendell 60pts